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DSR Managing Director

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Orano is a leading technology and services provider for decommissioning shutdown nuclear energy facilities, used fuel management, federal site cleanup and closure, and the sale of uranium, conversion, and enrichment services to the U.S. commercial and federal markets. Orano's purpose is to provide customers with high-performing products and services throughout the nuclear fuel cycle, thereby fully contributing to the efficient production of low-carbon nuclear energy, cancer-fighting radioisotopes, and innovative industrial applications  

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DSR Managing Director

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DSR Ingenieurgesellschaft GmbH is an independent company in the ORANO Group and provides services for the planning, construction, operation and dismantling of nuclear installations in the areas of
Radiation protection/radiology
Plant technology
nuclear safety, event and incident analysis
Treatment and management of radioactive waste
Transport and storage safety of radioactive materials
DSR is a 100% subsidiary of ORANO GmbH, based in Erlangen, and is part of the business unit Dismantling and Services within the Orano Group.

At present, the focus of DSR’s activities is the decommissioning of closed nuclear power plants in Germany.

 Currently 20 physicists and engineers work with DSR, some of whom are permanently based at the nuclear power plant sites of interest.

The company is characterized by a flat hierarchy, which both requires and allows for a high degree of personal responsibility and freedom of each team member.

The managing director would be based at the Berlin headquarters.


The Managing Director of DSR is solely entitled to represent and forms a one-person management structure. The activity profile is thus characterized as follows:
General economic and legal responsibility for the company
In charge of human resources
Reporting to the Managing Director of ORANO GmbH and to the latter’s advisory board of the shareholder
In charge of marketing and sales activities
Representation of the company vis à vis customers, partners and authorities
Responsibility for continuous market analysis, identification of trends and deduction of conclusions for the further development of business, personnel and tools used (essentially computer programs and methods)
The Managing Director is supported by an authorized representative.

With regard to the technical tasks, three specialists are appointed as leader of an area of expertise according to actual requirements.

The Managing Director is responsible for radiation protection and appoints radiation protection officers to perform the daily tasks of radiation protection.

Specific tasks
To develop and implement a business strategy in the framework of the Group’s Strategic Action Plan
To translate the strategic objectives into future goals for the company
To develop, formalize and supervise appropriate processes and structures
To prepare and make  decisions and supervise their implementation (risk and impact assessment) implementing the Delegation of Authority concept of the Group
To organize necessary checks &  controls
To develop and promote employees (identify and use individual strengths)
Competencies Profile

Qualifications (external)

Management requirements

Leadership experience, at least on the level of project teams
Sense for leadership, assertiveness and team spirit
Loyalty to the Orano Group, steadfastness and ability to frankness
High communication and teamwork skills

General requirements

Fluency in English is a must
Advanced knowledge of the French language would be beneficial
Willingness to travel (Germany, Europe, worldwide)
Wide and reliable network in the nuclear community


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Europe, Germany, Berlin





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Yes, 25% of the time

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